Best Zoom Alternatives 2021

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Written by Oliver

Do you want to try any other application instead of using Zoom for attending your virtual classrooms or job from home?

Not interested in using Zoom anymore? Got bored using the same application again and again for virtual communication?

No worries! There are many alternatives for using other apps despite utilizing Zoom, and we have got you an alternative for your online correspondence.

You can use the Google Meet application as an alternative for Zoom. Google Meet is the most popular and is the world-famous app to communicate virtually and is most probably used at workplaces and for joining online classrooms around the world. This app is also called Google Hangouts Meet. You can get in touch with people from far-off places that give you a real-time experience.

As for everything these days we need an internet connection. Henceforth, for a successful virtual meeting, you require good network accessibility so that nothing can distract you from having a prosperous virtual meet.

You can also schedule your meetings on the calendar provided by Google Meet in case you forget to attend any important meetings.

If we compare Zoom and Google Meet, we can find out that Google meet provides you with 60 minutes of video calls or meetings. On the other hand, Zoom only provides you with 40 minutes of video calls.

Google Meet is easy-to-use as you need to log in through your Gmail account, and then BOOM!! You are in. Now you can utilize Google Meet for having a blissful conversation with your loved ones through a virtual mode of communication. You can also attend some work meetings.

After logging in to your Gmail account, you can create a meeting where you will get the meeting link with a PIN code or a dial-in number. You can also share that link with the people whom you want in the meeting. Once you share the link with the people who want to join the meeting, they have to simply click on the link provided by you and have to enter the PIN code or dial-in number.

End of the process. It’s easy, Right?

You should try this alternative application, in case you get bored using Zoom.

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